The Many Debates Rage On

If there’s one thing that history has taught us, it’s that marginalized and disenfranchised groups will ALWAYS fight among themselves.

Such is the case with the various supernatural/ paranormal/ extraterrestrial groups. There are so many differences of opinion (and approach, and appearance, and…) that I sometimes despair of ever achieving any sort of progress.

I may not be remembering things correctly, but I honestly don’t think that it’s considered any more respectable to be a cryptozoologist, or a UFO researcher, or a (serious) ghost hunter than it was thirty or forty years ago.

While you can certainly make more money from supernatural entertainment (fictional or ‘reality’-based), the net effect has been to increase the number or dubious practitioners…while serious study and field research is just as rare as it was in 1971, 1981, 1991…

Anyway, I’m obviously depressed. Perhaps it’s just that my funds are drying up, my refinancing is dragging on, and one of my favorite bands’ last original members just died.

In the meantime I have been frustrated by the byzantine maze that is the social security disability application form for benefits. My father has become seriously compromised from his years as a oil field working on drilling rigs and pumpjacks. He can longer work according to his doctor who advised him to apply for social security disability benefits. Little did I know the time and craziness that would result. And I thought the world of the supernatural/ paranormal/ extraterrestrial groups was messed up crazy!

My father has a valid case, but his application was denied as well as his reconsideration request. Well it turned out that up to about 60% of the initial applications get turned down. Enter the good son. I decided that we would continue in his quest for benefits and as a result after an extensive online search I hired a Texas Social Security Disability attorney to help. Fortunately we didn’t have to put out any money upfront. The lawyer takes a cut of the benefits if the application is accepted. I felt that was fair.

We had reached the critical appeal hearing that is held before an Administrative Law Judge and I knew we needed a professional on our side. Our Texas Social Security Disability lawyer prepared the whole case and prepped my father before the hearing. My father won his appeal and now is able to collect Social Security Disability benefits. I can’t believe we are out of that supernatural mess.

Perhaps it’s just that, after thirty-odd years of investigating the supernatural, I have yet to personally experience one unambiguous example of the supernatural that can justify my continued openness and interest.

Oh, I have plenty of ambiguous examples, and second-hand reports, and great stories with no proof whatsoever. I also have two children, a home that needs refinancing, and a car that’s on its last legs (so to speak). So every once in a while, I have to ask myself: how long can I really keep doing this?