The field that comes closest to reuniting the supernatural with the natural is cryptozoology, the study of unverified animals, and nothing brings sci-fi closer to reality.

Certainly, the average person is quite likely to regard the hunt for Bigfoot as falling squarely in the paranormal field, and mainstream scientists are almost unanimous in dismissing cryptozoology as pseudoscience. However, no scientist will deny that there are countless undiscovered species of animals, and cryptozoologists have a number of impressive discoveries on their side.

You might think with the destruction of many animals’ habitat either through pollution, human encroachment via deforestation, and the general emissions causing climate change low testosterone might be an issue not only with recognized animal species and humans, but also many of unverified animals. Most likely that is true. There are far more sightings of deformed animals, birds and amphibians everyday. Let’s face it in many cases wildlife populations have suffered severe losses or even faced extinction due to pollution. Remember the bald eagle, peregrine falcon, and brown pelican who all nearly became extinct before scientists discovered that the synthetic chemical DDT was causing devastating reproductive failure in these species. Toxic metals are easily capable of killing adult members of wildlife populations, causing the production of deformed offspring. And what about acid rain that has caused hundreds of fish populations to disappear from lakes not only in the northeastern U.S., but also Scandinavia. Don’t even get me started on the obscene levels of pollution in Russia, India, and China. Quite frankly it’s amazing that we are still discovering new species whether they are creatures from myth and folklore or new species that have evolved due to man’s destruction of this planet.

Sometimes I feel that mankind is playing at a giant cosmic casino. The gaming laws in the United States are changing and online casinos and the casino marketers are posting listings of the best offerings in online slots for the USA. Same for poker, roulette, craps and even sports betting. And America’s hooked. We’re all gambling on scientists’ ideas of hard reality versus the reality of cryptozoology on the ground level. I use the analogy of online slots since it does not require any complicated playing techniques or strategies. To win at slots is not an easy task, since there is no set strategy. However as the industry gets more competitive, gaming software developers are scrambling to make some of the most lucrative slots, offer spectacular rewards to entice players. Likewise cryptozoology offers the possibility of spectacular rewards, while we watch the spins of the cosmic slot machine.

From the okapi to the mountain gorilla, several species that were once largely thought to be a product of myth and folklore have been proven to exist. The megamouth shark discovery in 1976 is but the most obvious proof that the oceans are likely teeming with undiscovered life on a sizable scale, and several large land regions of the Earth are too remote or sparsely settled for us to believe that we’ve seen all they have to offer.

Additionally, cryptozoologists are interested in sightings of animals that occur far outside the normal range of any similar species, such as the Alien Big Cats or Phantom Cats of Europe, Australia, Hawaii and elsewhere. There is also the possibility of survival by species thought to be extinct, from the humble Ivory-billed Woodpecker to ‘living dinosaurs’ such as Nessie or Mokèlé-mbèmbé.

Cryptozoologists regularly cross into more vividly supernatural areas, such as the Jersey Devil and the Mothman. The latter case also represents the uncommon near-human sightings, including the Orang Pendek; such primate, missing-link, or near-human cryptids were given more weight by discoveries such as the “Hobbit” remains of the Flores Islands (itself proving the Ebu Gogo legends of that island’s people).

Personally, my favorite is the Mongolian Death Worm…

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