Modern theories largely rest upon the ‘untapped’ potential of the brain or body. These talents may manifest as extra-sensory perception (ESP), telekinesis, teleportation, precognition, clairvoyance, and many others (my personal favorite is clairaliance and clairgustance, which allows the talented individual to smell far-off or otherworldly smells or tastes, respectively) . A related field of study focuses on the paranormal physical abilities, or ‘superpowers’ than some claim may be latent in some or all human beings.

After getting into the real meta of the philosophy of psionics it’s important to recognize the world in which we live in. In this modern day many things that we are now accustomed to feel like magic. From telephones to cell phones, electricity and computers, things are happening that we imagine without us even leaving the house. A good example of this is internet shopping and communicating. It is a real thing, but not a physical thing and it manifests itself into physical objects- ie shopping online or communicating with other people online. To get a little bit more indepth…let’s say you work at a firm where every evening you imagine the offices getting cleaned up and organized and every morning it is. Although you know it’s because someone is being paid to clean there is something quite magical about this(not really) but if you talk to that janitor, how their supplies arrive each month might seem a little bit more impressive. For him the janitor supply closet is always stocked, from mop heads and soap to toliet paper and air freshener and all the other needs because he can order whatever the offices needs are in advanced and they will “magically” arrive at the office. Internet stores like Clean it Supply sole purpose is to make you life seem a little bit more magical by making your life more convenient.

There are a very many magical secrets that are yet to be found. There are some that have even been verified throughout the years via scientific study and testing. Remember that in many cases people just do not have a full understanding of what is happening. The deeper we study the more we begin to understand exactly why these methods have worked throughout the centuries. It is really hard to understand exactly what led up to these discoveries and one must wonder how ancient civilizations discovered these amazing secrets to begin with…

Some have theorized that mankind was visited by other worldly beings in the past who, for one reason or another, helped to guide these newly progressing human beings on their path. These people have even gone so far as to state openly that it is likely that the DNA of the beings on this planet was altered in order to achieve an intelligent being in the first place. These beings were then misunderstood and worshipped as The Gods we are so familiar with from ancient lore.

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