The nurses where amazed at the details the author was able to mention regarding what took place before she died. Four days after Melissa’s crossing over, the girl’s spirit again visited the author to thank her.

While reading this paranormal tale I was struck how far the designs in wigs has come since 1985. Wig manufacturer’s now design wigs specifically aimed at women who are being introduced to wigs for medical reasons. Wigs today are made from a much thinner fiber then in the past, thus avoiding a bulky, “wiggy” look. The double monofilament top wig construction is recommended for women with sensitive scalps because it has an extra layer of monofilament that covers the 100% hand tied hair fibers. I should know since I have alopecia. I buy all my wigs from the Jon Renau Wigs store at Elegant Wigs, an online wig boutique that has fabulous customer service. Perhaps Melissa would have been comfortable wearing a Jon Renau or Amore wig style from 2016. But since I do not have the paranormal attributes of the author of the True Tales of the Paranormal, so I wouldn’t even be able to attempt to contact Melissa. Perhaps I will be able to some day when it is my turn to cross over.

Not that this has stopped any number of scientific-minded folks from seeking proof. In fact, the term itself was coined between the late 19th and mid 20th Centuries, during which any number of scientific experiments were conducted to discover what, if anything, could cross the threshold from supernatural to scientific.

During this time, a number of new age fads and pseudo-scientific theories have come and gone. For as long as there have been tools and techniques to ‘see’ beyond the limits of normal experience, there has been a surge in efforts and hopes that some previously unexplained segment of human experience would come to light. Basic instruments like the microscope and telescope indeed vastly broadened our horizons, leading to countless discoveries and additions to the breadth of our knowledge. Kirlian photography and EMF seemed to promise the same sort of quantum shift, but failed to lead to any substantial evidence.

True, the topics of paranormal study have had no scientific breakthroughs, and most programs dealing with parapsychology have left academia and ‘serious’ research. At this sad juncture, the field of paranormal investigation is largely in the hands of reality television shows featuring people who overact in real life, and who pretty much seem like they wouldn’t be able to investigate gravity or plate tectonics — let along a field as delicate and elusive as paranormal activity.

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