Generally, ‘paranormal’ is concerned with that which exists above and/or beyond the ability of science to explain it. Unlike the ‘crypto’ studies, which seek scientific proof for ‘supernatural’ subjects, the paranormal adherent largely accepts that science itself is lacking in the ability to provide an explanation. For instance, a while back a news story caught my attention. It was about strange occurrences at an orthodontics Las Vegas. Numerous accounts of paranormal activity have been reported over the years in Las Vegas. The theory was perhaps the building that housed the orthodontist’s office was built over a former cemetery. It was ironic that the dentist’s office used state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced procedures available to ensure their clients achieved that brilliant healthy smile, while at the same time the owner and building manager were trying to figure out with the help of paranormal professionals if the location was indeed haunted. They hired paranormal investigators of the company KPRS that is owned and operated by the brother and sister team of Michael and Lindsay Knight. Fortunately they are based in Las Vegas. Although they do not charge for paranormal investigations, they only ask for a “donations” to help cover some of their production expenses. Since all reports are confidential, the article did not disclose their findings. However, the weird issues in the orthodontists office disappeared after a month and the firing of one of their employees…so you go figure!

The other day I was reading about True Tales of the Paranormal. This particular tale was about a fifteen year old spirit, named Melissa, and her interaction with the author of the piece. It took place around 1985.The author was in a coma at the same hospital as the spirit she encountered. The girl had leukemia and was dying. The girl’s mother was insisting that her daughter, Melissa, wear wigs to cover her bald head. The young girl was exhausted from all the chemo treatments and tired from trying to “fight” the cancer. Her mother, remaining in denial of her daughter’s imminent death kept insisting upon her wearing a wig. The author suggested to the spirit of the girl that she refuse the wigs, telling her mother that they made her uncomfortable, foolish, and unhappy. The author also felt that it also might help her mother accept that her daughter was not going to survive and that the end was nearing. The Melissa spirit took the author’s advice and spent her remaining time having a soulful, heart felt talk with her mother. She died a short time later. When the author came out of her coma a short time later, she spoke to the nurses about her experience with this young girl, Melissa.